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  • Why choosing CENTIUM

Why choosing CENTIUM

CENTIUM considers that an audit is much more than a simple compliance with the legal requirements, and so, CENTIUM wants the audit to give added value to the clients. For this reason, we deal with each work from a general point of view and provide solutions for their problems and needs. We mean to advise them on how to improve the financial, management and internal control information of the organization. Our firm relies on the following principles to achieve these goals:

  • A highly technically qualified and expert team of professional auditors.

  • Our audit partners' collaboration to manage, coordinate and supervise each work.

  • Working hand in hand with "experts" from other areas (legal, tax, labour counselling, consultancy, etc.) that allows our auditors to have a global business view.

  • Standard and tested work procedures that imply the use of cutting-edge information technology systems to achieve a more efficient and effective job.

  • The flexibility and knowledge of the sector required to adapt the methodology to the particular situation of every company or institution.

  • Customer oriented methodology to avoid interfering in every day activity and to collaborate with the organization to improve company information and management.

  • To show respect for the ethical rules to guarantee an impartial job and a confidential treatment of the information.