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Our professional services include different types of audits:

  • Annual Accounts and other financial statements audit. We verify that the financial statements of a company (company, cooperative, foundation, etc.) represent the real financial, capital and economic situation in compliance with the legislation in force.

  • Legal Audit.  Legal audits are needed to carry out the following tasks under certain circumstances (an increase or reduction in share capital, share valuation, mergers and spin-offs). Our professional team and our capacity to adapt ourselves to the clients' needs allow giving certain and guaranteed services to satisfy properly our client needs on time.

  • Control and permanent tracking internal Audits. These audits are meant to check out that the internal control systems established by the company are being followed, so as to reduce the risk of making relevant mistakes or committing irregularities. These types of services ensure a continuous improvement management philosophy in our clients.

  • Management or special checking Audits. These measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrative, accounting and/or financial departments of our clients. We may be requested by the management Board to specifically audit clients, suppliers, treasury, warehouses, stocks, etc.

  • Due diligence. We carry out total or specific audits on the financial statements for Company purchase transactions.